All the art that is furnished and wrapped around the products on this website have all arrived from a love affair with the patterns of local nature. To see the patterns play and dance is to be exposed to the natural movements and energy of our world. Little by little the patterns shape us and shape our language much like a potter shapes clay.

There are instruments that allow us to express and package these movements in music and visual form. The didgeridoo is one of these instruments.

So here’s introductory video about my experience with learning the energetic language of traditional didgeridoo. Energy, mass in motion, is the dance of our existence, and the didgeridoo is an opportunity to witness this and make rhythmic breathing so the body and breath become the shape of that vessel. So if you see your friend’s feet walking across the street, you can use your hands to clap after his/her feet, and now you have a rhythm to follow. Now do this for east wind through trees, birds in flight, fish swimming, waves coming to shore, etc. Use your environment as your university for didgeridoo and other instruments, and the aquifers of your hearts will be full and overflowing with connections.

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